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To follow the races

From afar

Would you like your family and friends to be able to follow you from the 4 corners of the globe?
Be up to date with the race news through to the postings on ultratrailmb.com! You may also find all the tools available to you for following the races on our website:


All the LiveTrail tools are available at www.ultratrailmb.com
  • Follow each runner on-line stage by stage with an estimation of the time they will pass the following points
  • The possibility of choosing the list of favourites who you want to follow
  • Follow the race leader on-line stage by stage
  • Follow all the runners, stage by stage, through text messages: registration available as from August 10th at www.ultratrailmb.com
  • 5 webcams will be positioned along the race-route and at the finish which allow your friends and family to see you.
    These Webcams will be placed at the entrance to the check-points; spectators will be able to anticipate the passage of their runner and be connected at the right moment thanks to LiveTrail and to its estimations of passage.

Facebook & Twitter

Up to date news posted on Facebook and Twitter !
You would like your friends to follow you on your Facebook page: your check points will be automatically posted via an application developed from the information supplied by LiveTrail (registration necessary, details will be posted during the summer).


Family zone

Experience a moment with your loved ones who are not with you.
A webcam positioned at the arrival zone, in the Family Zone will allow you to share the joyful moment of being a finisher with your loved ones.
Give your family and friends a rendezvous on WebTV to access the family zone.


During the week, all the important moments will be broadcast: the start of the races, live coverage, interviews, conferences, films...
Live coverage of the races; starting lines, arrival of race leaders…..A bilingual commentary will be on offer (English or French) according to your choice.
The most beautiful passages of the route will be presented and commented on.

On the route

Accompanying persons, live the race with your runners !
We aim to offer you an event which respects the environment: your role is as important as that of the runners! Together we can participate in the preservation of the natural areas which make our landscape beautiful by applying several simple rules which are outlined here.
One of our actions which is effective is the use of communal transport: let us, together, avoid this race in the middle of nowhere becoming an "motor festival", and use the organisation’s buses !

An exceptional public transport organisation will allow you to reach all the villages crossed by your runners without any trouble.

(as from Wednesday morning)
30€ per person
See details and conditions here

Download the Mobility Guide, and reserve your transport ticket in the Accompanying persons’ page at www.ultratrailmb.com


Modification of

access roads 

during the race !

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