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Accompaniment & Assistance

Runners, upon registering, have agreed to respect the rules. Those accompanying them must take care not to get on the wrong side of them regarding their commitments at the risk of their being penalised.

Personal assistance is tolerated only at certain refreshment posts (*), in the zone specifically reserved for this use, upon the presentation of an "Assistance" ticket (see below) and upon the agreement of the chief of post.
This assistance can only be assured by one single person, without specific equipment other one than one bag of a volume of 30 litres maximum. All professional assistance (team or professional trainer, doctor or other persons in the medical profession, paramedics...) is strictly forbidden.

Accompaniment along the route outside the clearly marked zones of tolerance is also strictly forbidden.

Be careful not to confuse the zone of accompaniment (several hundred of metres before and after each refreshment post, limits of which are clearly marked) with the zone of assistance (the area of the refreshment post reserved for this use). One could state that in the accompaniment zone you may only be accompanied not assisted!

(*) Personal assistance is tolerated at the following posts:
UTMB® : Les Contamines Montjoie, Courmayeur, Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
CCC® : Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
TDS® : Bourg St Maurice, Les Contamines Montjoie
It is forbidden at all other refreshment posts as well as at any other point along the route.
OCC : no assistance is allowed, at any point along the route.

"Assistance" Tickets

The "Assistance" tickets are given to the runner in the racebib envelope
1 ticket per assistance post
1 ticket = 1 person

Respect for natural heritage

The Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® and all the Mont-Blanc communities are resolutely engaged in an initiative concerning the protection of the environment and sustainable development.
Your role is crucial in the success of this challenge!

The activity, trail-running, takes place in open country, in contact to the flora and fauna and in exceptional landscapes. This environment is fragile; each trail-runner must respect it and participate in its conservation. This year, we are working to improve the measures to limit the impact of our races on the environment. We are counting on you to adopt a responsible attitude and encourage those accompanying you share it.

During your reconnaissance trips, over the totality of the route take the time to understand that:

  • camping is regulated by each different commune,
  • motor vehicles are forbidden outside of the roads open for traffic,
  • dogs must not wander freely.
Do not take dogs so that
the fauna is not disturbed
Do not pick flowers, or plants,
so that they remain
there for everybody to admire
No camping and no fires
so as to leave no signs of
your passage
NB : At the heart of the
Les Contamines-Montjoie
nature reserve they are
allowed only if they are
kept on their leads
Take away all rubbish
so that the site remains
Stay on the paths and
avoid making a noise so
as to limit the amount
of tramping about and
disturbing the fauna and
others using the paths